The National Council of Self Insurers (NCSI) is the peak representative body for workers compensation self insurers in Australia. It has 5 member associations representing the workers compensation self insurers in most of the State and Federal workers compensation and occupational health and safety jurisdictions. Each member association represents state-based and multi-state companies in their jurisdictions. Overall, well over 200 companies across Australia are represented, many in the ASX top 100. Self insurance covers about 15% of the Australian workforce.

Self insurers are subject to oversight by the State and Federal regulatory authorities of their financial strength and their work health and safety and workers' compensation/return to work management.

Self insurers are at the leading edge of the employer community with regard to the development and continuous improvement of all aspects of workplace wellness, safety and care after injury or disease. Part of the NCSI's mission is to foster such excellence and help to spread it among the broader community.

Our constitutional objectives are as follows:

  1. to promote and expand self insurance for workers’ compensation amongst employers in Australia;
  2. to provide a forum for the discussion of matters related to self insurance of workers' compensation on a State and Territory or national basis;
  3. to assist to keep all members informed of matters relevant to the self insurance industry including through the collection and dissemination of information on workers' compensation to the members;
  4. to provide support to any Members in developing submissions or representations on Workers' Compensation, injury management, or occupational health and safety and self insurance, for any Government inquiry;
  5. to make submissions or representations to the Federal Government or any other Government Body or Organisation on any issue affecting Workers' Compensation, injury management, occupational health and safety or self-insurance in Australia, from time to time; and
  6. to do all things necessary for or incidental to the carrying out of the above objects.

The NCSI plays a leading role at a national level through its membership of a range of technical and advisory groups and committees operating under Safe Work Australia, and is an active contributor to the work of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.